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Save Time

You're engaged! Congratulations… what's next? Now you want to plan a destination engagement party, a wedding and a honeymoon. How will you fit it all into an already over scheduled day? We have a specialist ready to work with you to plan and schedule all of your upcoming 'firsts' so that you have the time to enjoy them.

Expert Advice

Trust the experts, our consultants have the inside scoop and the tools to assist you with all of your needs right up to and including the wedding. Whether it is planning a shower, assisting with bridal registry selections, helping to coordinate arriving guests or making your own travel plans. Our wedding professionals are ready to share their knowledge with you so that every stage of your planning goes smoothly and is 'bride tested'.

Save Money

It is essential to maximize your time and investment. Wedding costs and all the trimmings add up. You want a personalized experience. We offer a one-of-a-kind service that will provide you with recommendations to help you control costs and manage the overwhelming details when selecting your venue, entertainment, transportation and travel partners.

Weddings are a celebration of a joyous occasion all around the world, and everyone wants to congratulate the new bride and groom in a special way. Wedding gift giving has many culturally significant traditions throughout the world. In our modern world many of the household necessities to set up a new home for the happy couple that have been traditional wedding gifts have already been acquired by the time marriage comes around. That is why Newhall-Valencia Travel offers a no fee honeymoon registry to couples who book their honeymoon with us. Family and friends can contact us to make gift contributions towards the couple's honeymoon experience. By giving a gift toward a honeymoon, you can express your well wishes and send the couple off on a memorable journey and confidently know the gesture will leave a lasting impression on the couple. We will send an announcement card to those that give a gift that can be presented along with a greeting card at any of the common ceremonies and parties. Gifts can be made towards engagement parties, bridal showers, the wedding itself, or just about any reason you can come up with. There is no extra cost associated with the gift and 100% of the gift goes to the couple. You may choose to give as much, or as little as you like. The only restriction is that all gifts are non-refundable.

Contact Newhall-Valencia Travel to book your honeymoon, and we will happily set up our bridal registry for you.

We invite the family and friends of the couples below to visit their page and contact us to make a gift toward their honeymoon experience.

Miss Kimberly Morain and Mr. Paul Ellis

Click on the picture to access their gift registry.

Kimberly And Paul

Contact Dan Arriaga or any of us at Newhall-Valencia Travel to purchase your gift.


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