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Welcome the Norwegian Bliss

Posted on 05/27/2018

The Norwegian Bliss is Norwegian Cruise Line's beautiful new ship set to sail on Alaskan itineraries this summer and Mexico out of Los Angeles this fall before moving on to the Caribbean for the winter months. I had a fantastic opportunity to sail aboard the Los Angeles inaugural voyage this Memorial Day Weekend and experience first hand the exciting attractions on board. Lots and lots of trendy dining options on board, with enclaves of bars throughout the ship perfect to gather with small groups of friends.

You have to try the water slide that hangs over the edge of the ship. You get into the tube, the door closes, and the floor drops from under you and literally drops you into the slide and pushes you back up and over over a hill for another drop, all with views through the clear tubes. It is definitely worth spending some vacation time on this awesome new ship!

The drop is the slide on the left. On the right is a tube racing slide.

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